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With the rising demand for growth on one side and insufficient resources on the other, business vendors globally are experiencing a lack of one fine business solution that can answer all their industries expense-related challenges. Amid a massive heap of available telecom and IT data, it is a huge challenge for the companies to know what to look for within the wealth available. As the data volume grows bigger, it becomes highly complex for the experts to understand what to look for, within the available data. Inability to address these challenges in time may lead to

  1. Longer decision times
  2. Overlooking key information
  3. Cost creep and
  4. Lack of effective management

So, to stay ahead in the competitive game, businesses globally are looking for one unified solution for all their business expense management challenges.

Industries consider Expense management as a crucial element to

  1. Support their bottom-line growth,
  2. Improve supplier and customer relationships, and
  3. Compete in the global markets.

The journey is complicated but as the saying, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer” – By Zora Neale Hurston.

Today, Inspiredge's Technology Expense Management Service is considered as one of the most inspiring and aspiring solution for all the data & expense-related challenges.

Our Industry Focused Expenses Management Interface helps fund, track and manage online all your business expenses from any mobile or desktop device.

Furthermore, organizations believe that expense management and analysis provide foundation for organizations seeking to make better and more informed decisions, with significant cost and operational benefits.

Industry Focused Expenses Management

Inspiredge offers Industry Focused Expenses Management services in 3 verticals.

  1. Telecom
  2. Utility
  3. Cloud

Telecom Expense Management

Micro-enterprises to large organizations always have unwanted expenses that keep repeating periodically. All it takes is decent monitoring to reduce these overheads. One such crucial overhead that matters most to companies is Telecom Expenditure.

Research states that on average, enterprises overpay their telecom expenses by 5-10%. To save on this overpay, Organizations must consider Identifying and Managing the overhead expense as an essential business strategy.

Inspiredge’s TEM (Telecom Expense Management) process ensures an authentic real-time inventory, bill collection and a stringent audit process. It helps in the identification of any un-wanted services, contract violations and a complete department wise classification of expenses.

Our Service Includes

  • Management of Wireless, Wireline, Orders and Inventory
  • Invoice Processing, Auditing & Recovery
  • Benchmarking & Cost Allocation
  • Negotiation of all contracts & RFPs

Benefits of Telecom Expense Management

  • Reduction in direct spending
  • Identify any fraud/billing errors/unauthorized charges

Utility Expense Management

In the US, owing to varying climatic conditions, annual utility expenditure on office buildings is considered crucial. With frequent inexact charges and dynamic rules and regulations, utility expenses continue to be on the rise. The challenge is huge for organizations operating from multiple locations. This leads to inefficiency in cost management & decision-making on future opportunities.

Inspiredge’s UEM service ensures that all billing mistakes are identified, and effective measures are taken for an error-free billing going forward. Our effective analysis and cost-saving tips enable reduced utility expenses. We provide insightful tracking and measurement across multiple locations with a customized approach to dealing with challenges.

Our Service Includes

  • Invoice Management (Bill Receipt and Payments)
  • Bill Analysis
  • Tracking & Benchmarking

Benefits of UEM

  • Late fee savings
  • Controlled costs
  • Best opportunity identifications on cost savings

Conclusion :

Inspiredge IT Solutions is a Technology Expense Management Solutions provider for niche markets such as Telecom & Utility Expense Management. Inspiredge has industry-specific solutions that can help customers achieve significant operational efficiencies and drive business growth. Our consistent adherence to zero surprise framework in service delivery drives a positive impact to our customers. We are an extended organization to expense management vendors in the field of Telecom & Utility that are envisioning exponential growth and have helped achieve up to 40% savings to these vendors.

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