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eHREdge single window solution

eHREdge is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to document the patient encounters, streamline clinical workflow, and securely exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems. eHREdge empowers healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care at low costs.

Why eHREdge

eHREdge is designed, developed and driven by Physicians.It is a low cost practical solution that addressed majority of their common concerns.

Minimal Initial and subsequent cost

eHREdge is cost effective for anyone who wants to use it.Installation, set up, maintenance and back up is already built into the platform.

eHREdge Overview


eHREdge is one of the best in-class solution that is founded, functionally designed and nurtured by an elite group of practicing doctors/surgeons from USA. Envisioned by Experts and backed with a hands-on development team, who are experienced to serve the needs of the Healthcare industry eHREdge has been instrumental in serving the IT needs of many Practitioners.

With growing compliances & security needs eHREdge is a Meaningful Use Certified, and a Cloud-Based Application (secured data center hosting per HIPPA Compliance), that operates seamlessly meeting all day to day needs of doctors. Currently, Doctors & Patients can even access the solution conveniently through their iPad.

Growing from module to module, one of the most unique features of eHREdge is “Progress Notes” that makes it a specialized solution for each practice. We have deployed and active usage in practices – Gastro, Internal Medicine and Cardio. Our teams work in collaboration with our clients/doctors to build and support custom work flows for effective usage.

eHREdge Features

eHREdge Features

Clinical Decision Support Clinical Decision Support

Disease Management   Disease Management

E-Prescribing   E- Prescribing

Electronic Chart   Electronic Chart

Medications Module   Medications Module

Patient Education Module   Patient Education Module

CCR PHR Capabilities   CCR/PHR Capabilities

Document Generation   Document Generation

Data Sharing   Enterprise Data Sharing

Image Management   Image Management

Electronic Superbill   Electronic Superbill

Eligibility Verification   Eligibility Verification

Mail Integration   Email Integration

Patient Registry   Patient Registry

Tasking   Tasking

Scheduling   Scheduling

Patient Portal   Patient Portal

eHREdge Meaningful Use
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Extreme Customization it is your eHR. 24/7 access to Patient's health and Wellness information.
Secure exchange of clinical data.
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