Inemo is an End-to-End solution with rich functionality.
Sea food industry managed in a simplified, smarter,
productive and profitable way.

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Why iNemo ERP

Cloud Application that can revolutionize day to day operations and help you achieves an unprecedented level of business productivity and profitability. Sea Food Solutions has worked closely with seafood distribution and processing industries in meeting the unique challenges of weight based, commodity priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing, catch weight, multiple freezer/warehouse and multi-corporation locations are of paramount importance and can view reports at single click.

Full Featured solution for Sea food industry which automates time consuming manual process

All Production is palletized and given labels. Each item on pallet is traceable with hand held devices. It gives 100% accuracy of reports of cold storage visibility.

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Inemo Features


Yield Percentages


Cold Storage Visibility


Pre Shipment & Post Shipment Process



Inventory Management


Rack wise/Master carton/ Lot wise Tracking system


Commercial and Regulatory documents

iNemo ERP Benefits

Enterprise cloud solution that automates time consuming manual processes across the business functions and optimizes resource utilization with secure seamless integration and accessibility of enterprise data. It enhances seamless synergies among various departments and maximizes organization productivity


Automate Post Shipment and Pre Shipment process


Automate Bar-coding


Customs Specified Reports


Structured Web Report


iNemo ERP Advantages

Burden free paper-based warehouse management was slow and error-free. SeaFood Solutions wireless warehouse management system (WMS) gives us unprecedented flexibility and control of inventory. By going paperless and scanning product information into the system using barcode readers can increase capacity, improved out order fill rate, reduced errors and significantly improved the service aspect of business and a green perspective

Increase Your Productivity

Your 'On-demand' SeaFoodSolutions Solution

Track And Trace

Track and Trace Throughout the Manufacturing Process

Business Technology

A New Way of Doing Business

Optimize Order

High Availability

Improve Product Purchasing

Ease of Access at Anytime and from Anywhere

Business Information

Customised Reports accuracy and clear visibility of data


Barcoding for Accurate Quality Checks and Cost Tracking

Costing And Pricing

Materials Requirements Planning Cuts Inventory Costs

More Information About iNemo

iNemo ERP is Robust, Secured, Scalable and enables enhanced user experience Built with background of
many years of sea food industry experience.

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