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Salesforce Overview

Salesforce is the Customer Success Platform. Our social and mobile cloud technologies—including our flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

Salesforce is originally a ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software’. CRM is utilized for managing customer interaction such as scheduling tasks, emailing, texting, and many more. Salesforce grew into a cloud software solution and acquired several other companies for Paas and Saas.

Introducing : is a cloud computing platform as a service system from, used by developers to build multitenant applications hosted on their servers as a service. is the Sales Cloud for ready-to-use products for CRM. does not expose the underlying infrastructure.

Multi-tenancy: Multi-tenancy refers to a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client- organizations (tenants). Multi-tenancy contrasts with multi-instance architectures where separate software instances (or hardware systems) operate on behalf of different client organizations.

SalesForce Pieces

Chatter is a brand-new way to collaborate at work. Because status information about people and important projects is automatically pushed to you, Chatter makes it easy to connect with the people and information you care about most.
Chatter Example:

Salesforce: Salesforce is also 3-tier, but many of the internals are handled through abstraction. There are:

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