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Utility Expense Management

Annual utility expenditure on US Office buildings is of significant costs, depending on the climate. Utility expenses continue to be on the rise, backed with frequently incorrect charges and dynamic rules and regulations. Large organizations with multiple locations are unable to effectively manage the costs and to take decisions on best opportunities. This causes utilities to take a hard look at operations and maintenance expenditures.

Inspiredge’s UEM ensures that all billing discrepancies are identified and effective measures are in place, to ensure an error free bill going forward.

Our effective analysis and cost saving recommendations enable reduced utility expenses. We ensure that an insightful tracking and comparison is provided across locations, along with a customized approach to deal with issues.

Our service includes:
  • Invoice Management (Bill Receipt and Payments)
  • Bill Analysis
  • Tracking & Benchmarking
The benefits of having our services are:
  • Late fee savings
  • Controlled costs
  • Best opportunity identifications on cost savings

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