The Uses Of Software Consulting

What is Software Consulting?

Software consulting focuses on the software and applications layer. This is a broader term that covers different types of software and industries. Software Consulting also tells us “how the application can be used and implemented to approach current industry trends.

Software Consulting offers a wide range of long and short term customized web designing offerings that range from development and architectural guidance, planning and implementation to team augmentation and code review.

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Why do you need software consulting in the first place?

Updating technology is an excellent investment, but you shouldn’t stop there? You should be creating a one-of-a-kind custom software which means: “You have something that your competitors don’t.”

You want your technology to grow with business? For your company to succeed, your technology should be upgraded or else your time and money are a complete trash. From the initial stages you should plan and foresee the big picture using a positive user experience. You might be operating with an existing software that might be serving your needs, but that doesn’t imply you are operating at an optimal level or making money. Make an investment in your business now, so you can reap the rewards later.

Customized Business applications may not see the value initially, but personalized software far exceeds the value of an off-the-shelf product down the line. A Software Consulting Company makes things easier by rolling all user needs into one customized software application and in addition the ability to integrate technology with other programs.

Get help to create something that makes you stand out while pumping up your revenue. For this, you need to ensure that you have a new tech and a team that can grow and adapt to your changing business needs. Let your company be unique and stand out of the crowd.

Why should you hire a Software Consultant?

There might be many vast freelance coders to help you with your project on an ad-hoc basis. You don’t want an unproven team when you are launching a mission-critical application. By Hiring a software consultant there is little scope for guesswork since you will be working with a prebuilt team of best-in-class, who are highly vetted experts in workflow processes and can demonstrate relevant case studies.

Why Us?

This is where we jump in.

Inspiredge IT Solutions is a pro in providing software consulting services along with other services for its clients. With our talented and experienced employees who get to the nerve of client requirement without much explanation.


What’s it like when you hire us?

We help you to bridge the gap between reality and necessity while the requirement is within your budget. Based on the viable goals, we create a schedule and a precise timeline, which will serve as your guide helping you to take crucial decisions. An inevitable result, in the end, is that it will improve your practices. Our team has spent many years together to work fluidly, making it the secret of our success. Moreover, since we created many software applications and worked with a great number of clients who are up-to-date when it comes to modern technologies is an added bonus to design your requirement.

We interview our core business partners for a plan and review code. Manage risk and provide specific recommendations using analysis tools.

Some of the most important usages of customized software are:

Work domains that benefit from Custom Software include:-

Shops A Popular field that uses customized software is billing. Majority of the supermarkets and shops use software to handle their stock details and to generate bills
Hospitals By enabling Customized Software, Hospitals maintain the data of their patients for any length of time and retrieve them at any point of time. This helps doctors and their nurses to transfer the details of a patient using technology. Hospitals use this software in the dispensary also to store blood group details of patients in their database, making the search for blood group easy.
Schools Most of the schools use custom software to record student admission details, and also the transfer certificates produced by this software. To develop uniformity of their schools, some Government institutions develop special software for their schools.

Cited above are just a few examples of the uses of custom software.

software development

What’s on our plate to offer you!


Website Development

A developed website provides companies with a podium for web presence and allows them to get in contact with many other million web surfers all over the world, extending the range of potential customers for a particular organization. This makes the company accessible to the global population, giving the enterprises a chance to portray with a customized website developed on their terms in a way that they want to be seen and can effectively market their services or products that they offer. We give professionally represented website, making any business look reliable to the customer. Hiring us to customize a website in accordance with specific criteria will aid you to create a polished website.

Our website development includes simple coding such as client liaison, content, e-commerce, web server configuration and more. It can range from simple plain text to the most complicated web-based applications, social network services, and electronic business. Some clients ask for design into their web building while others leave it strictly at coding and writing mark-up; But it should go without saying that we believe the better a website looks, the more audience it will attract.

For a business to flourish, a website is crucial and getting developed by a professional and well-designed site lets your foot set in the door of the online market thereby giving you a base to build your clientele.

Many business owners claim that their business is “word-of-mouth” and they do not need a website. But the best way to reinforce personal recommendations of other clients is through a professional website development.

Some Benefits of a Website developed by us:


People can always tune in and look for what they need with a well-developed website, this way they can cut their effort of going down to a physical location, and instead they can do it all online. So, to get business you just have to put all your products or services online.

Worldwide Marketing:

To Link your online website and your product or service to a massive audience, all around the globe is pretty easy. What is even more exciting is to regularly advertise and share work across social media forums or platforms, to gain more than actual targeted audience.

Mobile Applications:

Mobile applications are changing the world today, with people getting engaged through Mobile Phones among each other. For any booming business or Enterprise, a developed website and working mobile application is essential to evolve, given the fact of the modern-day generation, it’s impossible to live without smartphones.

The desperate demand of this mobile application arises as many of our clients believe that their app is easier to connect with their customers, making it the best marketing tool to expand their business, and we give the best mobile app that is user-friendly, yet captivating. This allows our customers to have everything at their fingertips. Slowly, a number of apps and their participation are creeping into various businesses.

Uses of Professional Mobile Apps:

On-The-Go Marketing: On-The-Go marketing enables customers to access your business from anywhere. Everybody uses Mobiles and so does Mobile Apps which helps to enhance brand or business. Regular usage of your app reinforces customer to purchase something.

Increase More Sales: Any Business is aimed at drawing sales and revenue. Mobile Application can also help to sell the products and grab new leads for business development. In addition, Mobile Application also assists to enhance brand awareness.

Improve Customer Engagement :

No matter what you sell: toys or spa services, your customers need a way to reach you. Having a texting feature within your app can make a big difference with the way you communicate with your customers.

ECommerce Development :

E-Commerce website development by a professional provider is the most popular option for any business, which gives a great scope for online transaction and sales. E-Commerce website service unlike a normal website which is only used for searching and gaining information enables the user to purchase goods and services without going physically out for the purchase. The e-commerce website acts as a sole representative of the entire business to the customers. Hence seeking the right e-commerce website development company such as us saves any shortcomings that can really affect the business.

We follow the approach of perfect targeted marketing allowing every customer around the globe to find the business site, products, and information without even leaving their couch. Finding us for developing your e-commerce website while inculcating your needs and billing, will help in receiving a great positive response from the audience.

Using a developed eCommerce, there is no more waiting for any payment clearance from the customer end. Transactions are cleared immediately through the banking system. Our eCommerce development brings some new technology and capabilities to business.

According to the latest survey, 80% of people spend their time on phones, tablets, laptops every day, while media Ads and print ads have lost their aroma in reaching out to the general public. To make your website appealing and reach out to your old and prospective customers, we make it user-friendly and blend with latest and innovative technology.

A proper and developed e-commerce website from us gives an opportunity to have your products available 365 days to a customer and at the same time giving a good exposure to your business in reaching potential customers. Customers can buy your product anytime, anywhere with so many payment options thereby generating revenue.

Can Broaden Your Brand :

E-commerce is the best and ideal place that takes your brand to an innovative and popular brand level from a traditional brick and mortar store. With an online presence your business can be the home of your products and general home of your business, availing your products 24 hours a day along with online customer service, blogs and social media makes your business no longer just a singular store, but even gives you the freedom of expanding your products catalogue and ranges without having to worry about relocation.

It’s More Convenient :

An online store is available all day, every hour which means that your customers can visit your store at all times, even if their schedule is hectic. Some of your clients do not always have the time to shop physically. If this is what is offered, there is a good chance for people to shop online to find the items they want or need, appealing to a wide range of customers who are looking for a convenient and flexible experience.

Conclusion :

Even though many are cynical about hiring software consultant due to the pricing myth. But, nevertheless, specialized custom software that fits like a glove: – all your needs & requirements, is crucial in fetching money and recurring customers that ultimately elevate your business. Choose a good consultant company wisely and watch the bucks rolling.