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6 Web Design Blunders Every Business Should Avoid


6 Web Design Blunders

“94% of users create their first impression of a website based on web design alone.”

That means your window to impress your customers is very short, 50ms to be precise!!

The Impact
Your website design is the gateway to your business, and a good one can be the perfect torchbearer. A wrong design can move your target customers away from the website. The most effective web designs have:

  • A Seamless Navigation
  • Best in Class User-Experience
  • Less Page Loading Time for Optimum View
  • Eye-Catching Design That Generates Leads

When your website has an optimal design that is suited to the customer, your ranking on SERP shoots up and thus, starts the inflow of customer inquiries, sales conversion, and more. Another major factor impacting the effect of website design is COVID-19. As businesses have started picking up pace, and to keep social distancing to prevent hassles, potential customers are looking for information on websites to get their work done.

A good website that is user friendly and informative works like a magnet in such situations. Thus, to get an effective website, there are some mistakes, some of which are less noticeable but have a grave impact, that need to be addressed.

Must Avoid Design Blunders

Website Navigation
Imagine visiting a new place without maps or directions, you don’t have any idea about where to go or how to reach, there is no one to guide you!! A similar situation occurs when the website has poor navigation. Ideal website design makes sure to guide the user to get what they need to.

  • Putting too many menus on the page confuses the user and they need to check under each menu item.
  • Improper thickness of the navigation menu is a major turn-off for users as it becomes tedious to find the required service/solution. Another major issue is the animated menus, these are such menus that move, roll, flash, bounce when a user clicks it.
  • Centered website logos are also a problem for users (6X times harder than, when the home page is at the top left corner) who want to go to the home page while navigating through the website.

Slow Page Load Speed
Everyone becomes irritated even when a small video of 2 mins starts buffering, and you have to wait for it to load!!


Similarly, when a website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, second thoughts about the website’s work quality are sure to come in. Most visitors lose their interest at this time and it also affects Google Search Rankings. Issues like non-optimized images, texts, etc. cause this issue and should be looked into, to get a better page loading speed.

Not Being Mobile Friendly
A customer’s impression of your website depends on it being mobile-friendly, to a great extent. Because of the extensive usage of handheld devices, a mobile site is mandatory to view it on tablets and phones.

“61 percent of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites.”

Too Much Text/ Misuse of White-Space
The content on the website should never be overwhelming for the user or else it becomes distracting. Improper use of whitespace decreases the readability of the page. Too much on the page, does not allow the user to focus on what’s important and the website visitor would stop visiting your website, altogether. The excessive text would also increase the page loading time and affect SEO.

A Lack of Clear Call to Action
Taking the user on a journey through your website is important and it concludes with a strong call to action. Some websites fail to mention the next step for the user after knowing everything. Including testimonials/reviews, awards, industry affiliates, etc. on the website and asking the user about what, where and how is the ideal approach. If there is no persuasion or a prompt, you might lose the user.

Proper website design with the required parameters can take your business to new heights. With simple tweaks, a suitable website can become a visual treat for the visitor and transform them into a customer. At Inspiredge, we have worked on websites and create stunning designs for maximum conversion and made it SEO friendly too. Connect with us today to create spectacular websites!!

In conclusion, designing a website for a business is an important task that requires careful planning and execution. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that can negatively impact the user experience and ultimately harm the business. By being aware of common web design blunders and taking steps to avoid them, businesses can ensure that their website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and effectively promotes their products or services. Avoiding the 6 common blunders discussed in this blog post can help businesses to create a website that will help drive their success.

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