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How does Content Marketing influence the Expenditure?

How does Content Marketing influence the Expenditure ?

Before landing into the depths of Content Marketing influencing your revenue, let me walk you through the basics of content marketing.

content marketing

What is Content Marketing ?

A strategic marketing and business approach based on creating, publishing, & dissemination of appropriate content among a well-defined market.

Why do you need Content Marketing ?

Increased advances of Modern Technology and expenses, has brought down the effectiveness of traditional marketing. With the high speed internet, People are more self- directed and positive about their purchases. Due to expensive traditional marketing, marketers are now looking for a smarter way to reach out to their audience, with Internet serving as the only better source. Content can be a simple word but it has a huge impact on any business. Content marketing is not just a sole strategy buta combination of strategies. Content can be used in a number of ways like articles, blogs, videos, info graphics, e–books, product pages or reviews, GIFs, online magazines and many more. Content is a means to intrigue, engage & turn core audience. According to annual researchers, marketing has shown that organizations are successfully transforming to content marketing. Notable organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Cisco, etc., use content marketing as a source of advertising.

Content Marketing has three key benefits for marketers :

content marketing benefits
  1. Cost Saving
  2. Increase in sales
  3. More reliable customers

The primary reason behind the success & good reputation of content marketing is because it requires remarkably low investment saving both time & money. Besides, content is effortlessly and swiftly shared all over the world. Regular platforms like magazines, newspapers, radios andTV can transfer any information in such a short span of time worldwide. Another constraint with traditional marketing and advertisement is that, ithas been available for rich and influential organizations due to high expenditure. Nowadays, advertising & marketing have become so simple & economical that even a small vendor can afford to get their content published on the internet. To sum up marketing without great content is highly impossible.

Content, The present & Future of advertising :

Does content marketing have scope in the future? The answer indeed remains a YES. Notable platforms like The Washington Post, publishes more than a lakh per day. Companies like Google are increasing their indexed pages by millions per year. Google has grown up from 1 trillion to 30 trillion within the span of 7 years. On an average, Marketers usually spend 29% of their budget on content.

Experts report that successful B2B marketers allocate > than 40% of substantial marketing budget for content. As per report, an annual growth rate of up to 16% is projected in the global content marketing industry, and will shoot upto$412 billion by 2021. The thriving industry shows no indications of slowing down in the near future.

What makes content the king of marketing ?

king of content

Proper content always sells fast.
But what makes it a proper content ?
There are at least three fundamental features to make any content marketable.

  1. Purpose – It’s imperative to bear in mind to keep our content relevant to the subject and the desired keywords on the websites. Personal insights will always be of great help to get rewarded by improving the relevance of the content.
  2. Exceptional – From the SEO optimization point of view, new & unique content is important every time. Any content which is copied or duplicated will not go long. Search engine’s updated algorithms are too smart to be fooled into indexing unique and duplicated content. Original content will always go a long way in marketing which is the only purpose of any business strategy.
  3. Availability & Susceptibility – The main purpose of sharing content is to provide customers with ideas that help them in making informed buying decisions. The content must be easily available and understandable.

It’s beneficial to engage new traffic. It creates brand awareness and improves your reputation. It generates trust and faith on your brand and alsocreates great impact conversions. Finally, it makes a different flow of revenue for you.

How do we do that ?

By following some simple steps you can begin building your own brand

  1. Know your crowd : The most essential element required in revenue growth through content marketing online is to have a database of leads. Before you gather a desired list of database, you need to concentrate on primary areas of content marketing. Performing a detailed research to know the right type of audience is paramount to prepare a marketing strategy. Any plan should be made considering the buyer’s perspective by inspecting data,like finding the actual and potential customers, what engages the audience, which demographics they come under, what product might help them and more. Gathering of facts such as, what do they search online, at what time are they online & track them on every social media platform. After knowing your crowd, you will have a complete knowledge on the type of content you need to create to attract, engage & turn them into possible customers. Bearing in mind about the different types of buyers.
  2. crowd
  3. Building a clever & precise content marketing strategy : Once we identify our audience, we should start creating unique content & work out ideas, to reach the crowd.Share your story : The best way to improve your brand reach is by sharing the life story of your business. We can start by connecting with your followers by narrating them your origin story & the paths you took that lead you to success. The reason behind presenting personal story is to connect with your audience on a personal level, & the relationship built will be more than your products or services.The great content you write should be market frenzy. Content marketing strategies include:
    1. Making of info graphics, GIFs & visuals
    2. Preparing relevant content & videos
    3. Researching about Target audience
    4. Identifying the strengths of the business
  4. Regularly boost your content : Creating content & publishing is work half done, in content marketing. If you wish your content to reach a larger group of audience, regular content development, and use of Social Media to boost plays a vital role, along with SEO Marketing tools. Exact audience group can be targeted with the proper use of Social Media. Your main focus should be on encouraging audience into leads. Once you have your audience in your hand, you should connect & grow your relationship with them & eventually make them to buy your products & services. The main ingredient for all of this to happen is to have a strong and clear targeted audience.
  5. Performance analysis & survey : Use the statistics to track and analyse how your content is performing in the market. Various statistics include: ‘like views, page visits, shares, downloads and leads generated’. You should be very clear during the survey as it matters a lot in improving your marketing strategies. With online apps & tools, you can research and analyse the response of your content as well. Use various testing tools to determine the performance of your content, and do boost them regularly as mentioned above.

Conclusion :

Content Marketing is dominatingTraditional Marketing, andbrands are now opting more for content marketing due to its remarkable potential to generate more leads, being highly cost effective than other ways of marketing.