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Engaging Content Is What You Need For Your Business


Engaging Content Is What You Need For Your Business:

Ever wondered, On what do we invest every speck of our invaluable time?

It’s Content.

Yes, you heard it right!

Be it google search, a business hoarding, newspapers, magazines, short stories, animated films, books, and anything from paper to screen. Our search, learning, experience, and destination throughout the entire course, it has always been content.

Content Matters; In fact, Content is the Kingpin Forever.

Undoubtedly, we’re zooming towards a golden tomorrow when it comes to content. Most practical, voguish, and technically proven, amazing content that aligns with user practices, preferences, and search requirements is created and brandished to a humongous audience for better interaction, creativity, and branding.

Content is bucking up lately, as people are becoming smarter in strategizing, research, designing, and publishing it. There are multitudinous tools for analyzing, rewriting, and enhancing your work. Content marketing is a proven strategy that can do wonders for any brand in the market today.

Stay Ahead In The Game With Unique Content!

Today, let’s focus on the latest trends to follow for smart and better content.

1. Interactive Visuals in Content:

Platforms that showcase interactive content through visuals are becoming smart mediums for performing better marketing. Visual-forward platforms are one amongst the few tools that will continue to trend ahead in 2020.
From entertainment to communication to business, people are belauding the influence and potential the dynamic or interactive imagery content brings to the market space.

Recent studies state that Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are the most popular social media platforms where the teens hang out, with You-tube being the most used tool by adults, topping even facebook. Whereas Instagram beholds its place with unique, engaging content over well-matched images. 

The answer to What makes the content better today? is the effective use of trending social media tools for better presence, marketing, and quality lead generation for your business.

2. Getting GIPHY:

Another trend is creating specialized GIFs compatible with your content. After interactive videos, the gifs are the funny and perfect motion clips that are smart enough to hold your customer’s attention for a couple of seconds. These miniature interactive graphics are so engaging that every audience would show interest in having a glimpse, to understand what it is all about.

Engaging GIFs are the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing!

Owing to the endless possibilities this trend beholds, 2020 is sure to note a surge in gif based marketing where most marketers elucidate their interest in taking advantage of the dynamic, custom, and branded imagery for their content.

3. Video Content & Visual Storytelling:

With the advent of video content through YouTube, followed by enhancements in dynamic imagery and augmented reality, it’s no wonder that video content and visual storytelling will continue to soar in 2020.

Video Content – Welcome to the Next Level of Marketing!

The US market has reportedly claimed that over 85% of internet users have watched online videos monthly via various devices. It’s imperative to make video content an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Also, 2019 reports have recorded over 87% of marketing professionals using video as their marketing tool. Marketing professionals across the globe have started to believe in the potential of what video content can deliver to be able to improve their user engagement and brand value.

Again, in the end, it all comes down to the return on investment (ROI). If we look at the estimates, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media. The same report reveals that over 80% of marketers have claimed better ROI through video ads that were posted on social media.

Apart from video making, we have visual storytelling, which demands well-planned, high-quality, engaging content. All that is required here is customer engagement through all available mediums.

If you are a great storyteller, you’re nearly there!

4. Quality Content Always:

Stellar, purposeful content has been the leading tide for 2019 and is believed to be an enduring trend for the forthcoming years.  

Quality content is what people are looking for, and business markets are flourishing with growth opportunities in content creation & marketing.

7 Content Trends To Follow In 2020:

  • Audience First – According to the latest B2B report, over 90% of the best in class content marketers put their audience’s demands first over their promotional message.
  • Quality Spend for Better ROI – In the year 2018 – 2019, businesses invested extended spend into quality content creation for better ROI, and brand value.
  • Keyword Search – Expert knowledge of target audience demands through keyword search results.
  • Improved Writing – Better writing tailored to audiences while maintaining brand consistency in trend and style.
  • Target Research – Improved research that includes gathering niche statistics and data from important sources.
  • Concept Analysis – Niche subject research.
  • High-Quality Images – Better visuals through branded imagery, infographics, and high-definition blog images.

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