Solution Consulting

How Solution Consulting can help your business to grow?


How Solution Consulting can help your business to grow?

Solutions consulting helps businesses grow and expand by providing optimum solutions to overcome issues, increase their market through sales, and connect better with their existing and upcoming customers. Inspiredge operates with a solution-oriented vision and works as per the needs of the customers with a high-quality deliverance of solutions within time.

Empower your business through Inspiredge, as we focus on quality deliverance in a complete, diverse, and a unified environment to enterprises globally. We aim to offer customized services to serve our client’s requirements and together we build a sustainable future.

What is the purpose of Solution Consulting?

Over years of research, surveys, tech news, and interviews with industry experts hinted that there existed a thin gap between companies and their clients to fulfill. But, the then-existing technologies didn’t serve the core issues completely. With the rise of new technology and innovation in various domains, it became much easier for the companies to identify, plan, and solve the issues at hand and thus offer better solutions to the clients.

How do we work?

For better optimum results to deliver, we follow a three-stage consulting process.

  • Analyzing
  • Process Re-engineering and
  • Solution

We have a team of experienced consultants to analyze the business process, identify core issues within the system or process and deliver a perfect solution that enhances your business value. However, our process involves a deeper introspection into the core issues of your process which will help us to deliver an optimum solution with minimal cost and time.

Let’s tour our process work in detail;
Our expert team studies your business process structure, identifies issues that affect the flow as well as the development of the process, come up with solutions to address the current and the unforeseen issues to come, propose the most optimum solution to our clients which leads to improved efficiency and increased productivity.

Process Re-engineering:
Issues at various stages are successfully identified within the current business process and are linked with the specific goals and objectives to be achieved within a given amount of time. This re-engineering process helps build better processes and everlasting client relationships.

Smart Solution Providing:
We aim to provide smart solutions that serve the specific needs of your enterprise. We help our clients build a strong system and improved relationships by offering a customized approach to their issues at hand. We ensure the services delivered improve the overall efficiency of the process involved.

Inspiredge Enterprise Solution Products:
There is no cap on the solution products we adhere to, however, let’s have a glance at some of the Enterprise Solution Products we provide;
Transec IIoT:
We present the solution ‘The 4A Initiative’ which stands for Any Asset, Any Process, Anytime and Anywhere that addresses the problem of unifying the management of a collection of devices through Transec IIoT platform. The design of the platform is of advanced modular structure to match the client’s changing needs. The setup process is easy and there is no need to replace sensors and systems working for you.

Falcon WMS:
With an advanced Warehouse Management System Suite as Falcon WMS, one can have seamless visibility of inventory from the time it enters the warehouse until it leaves the facility.

An end to end solution offering rich functionality and includes cost calculations, Pre-shipment, and Post-shipment process, Inventory Management, Tracking, and Cold storage Management which focuses on a simplified approach to help manage the business in a smarter, productive and profitable way.

It is a certified application facilitating a cloud-based approach (secured data center hosting as per HIPAA Compliance) designed to meet all day to day needs of doctors. Ease of access for doctors and patients to the solutions are provided at the convenience of their iPad.

It is a Dynamic Digital Attendance Tracking & Sign-in System with real-time Analytics which is very much affordable and is launched for the first time in India.

Crew Watcher:
It is a web-based rest hour management software designed to maintain records of the daily working hours of seafarers. It enables the seafarer, shipboard management and shore office to monitor and ensure compliance with the STCW & ILO Requirements.

Inspiredge works with a solution-oriented vision to support our customer’s needs. Our experienced partner team delivers excellent service to our client’s satisfaction. Through various solution products we offer and an in-depth analysis of our client’s business process, we identify the core issues and deliver perfect solutions to enhance your business value. Inspiredge Solution Consulting Services helps clients to ideate innovative technologies to escalate sustainable competitivity.