Get The RIGHT Quality Assurance For Your Business


Get The RIGHT Quality Assurance For Your Business

Quality assurance is a part of quality management that ensures all the demands of an organization, in terms of quality fulfilled. It can be both internal as well as externally outsourced as per the client’s demand. QA Outsourcing can involve services offered to government firms, regulators, certifiers, 3rd parties, etc. In other terms, all the companies’ infrastructure and regular activities are planned & executed in a quality frame where the customers are certain to receive complete excellence in product or service for quality. 

Quality assurance includes the learner’s performance, evaluator’s knowledge & experience, and the standard set of processes and systems within an organization or provider.

A perfect QA ensures that

  1. Learners are well qualified,
  2. Assessors are making the right evaluations & judgements, and
  3. Every provider is offering a high-quality service.

Internal Quality Assurance :
The internal quality assurance program & activities ensure that the working staff within the provider are qualified and competent.

Functions of Internal Quality Assurance :

  1. Monitor the quality of evaluation reports.
  2. Ensure consistent and reliable assessment reports are prepared & submitted across all providers.
  3. Identify and highlight any dilemmas, trends and development requirements of evaluators.
  4. Ensure all procedures and policies within a provider adhere to policies, regulations and maintain high quality by the staff.

The Four Factors of IQA are :

  1. Sampling – Niche study & analysis of learner’s evidence and assessor’s reports and feedback.
  2. Standardisation – Ensuring all the assessors delivery and judgement are of the same standards.
  3. Observation – Observing assessor practice ensures high-quality delivery and judgement is maintained and also the course is performed to the correct standard.
  4. Feedback – Collecting and analysing learner feedback on their experiences within a provider.

What Makes Inspiredge QA Different?
Inspiredge IT Solutions is an extremely dynamic, smart and creative organization. Integrated with sustainable technologies and ever-evolving work practices, we empower our partners to gain notable business advantage through our unique quality assurance processes and solutions. For long-term revenue and profitability, quality assurance testing is vital for every organization. It helps in giving checkpoints on all lines of service and ensures continuous service improvements are expertly maintained. 

Our QA & Compliance Audit :

Our Compliance Check involves 3 major inspections.

  1. SLA Adherence Audit
  2. Focus Areas Audit
  3. Yes/No Scoring

SLA Adherence Audit :
Service, be it internal, or outsourced, will go through a series of evaluation phases for

  1. Developing a broader perspective on the company assets
  2. Decreasing business risks
  3. Simplifying modification in requests
  4. Engaging business personnel
  5. Ensuring compliance

All the above processes are mandatory to ensure a perfect audit for SLA’s and to verify whether they stick to the policy agreements or not.

Focus Areas Audit :
The 5 focus areas for 2020 that Inspiredge will execute to supercharge the internal audit function as well as external qa outsourcing that help take them to the next level are,

  1. Exploring new technologies
  2. Becoming more customer service oriented
  3. Business knowledge expansion and timely execution into services as a whole and individual.
  4. Conducting few unconventional audits
  5. Embracing the idea of constant change

Yes/No Scoring :
To check whether a particular service as a whole or individual adheres to the agreement(quality assurance policy regulations) or not. Performing a niche analysis of every process involved to ensure high-quality performance is delivered and maintained.

Benefits of QA Outsourcing :

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Better quality assurance
  3. Concentrate on core competencies
  4. QA Automation
  5. Deliver in Strict Deadlines
  6. Resource flexibility
  7. Scope for more objectivity
  8. Real-time experience
  9. Zero surprise framework
  10. Best practices
  11. ITIL Framework

Our QA Score :
A unique solution to measure individual and team’s performance & advancement. Our ImpAct tool is an expert in managing all QA and compliance-related audits for the employees.

QA Evaluation Process :

  1. Set standards to improve “Voice of Customer”
  2. Tailored directives to the client and business demands
  3. Lifetime evaluation plan for random cases
  4. Open Daily/Weekly reports on ImpAct dashboard.

Compliance Audit Process :

  1. Set instructions to classify any execution break
  2. ImpAct tool for hassle-free auditing and reporting
  3. Audit defined SLA and/or process compliance
  4. Inbuilt alarm device from ImpAct tool to record any compliance drops.

Conclusion :
Inspiredge IT Solutions is a leading provider of QA services.

Our QA team

  1. Are experts in technology, inspection, and auditing,
  2. Have a niche understanding of every business process,
  3. Have special industry knowledge
  4. Practice professionally built testing processes and QA methodologies.

Our quality assurance consultants perform niche research on every process within your system. We ensure all the quality aspects are met and are in compliance with the certified standards. Any discrepancy noted, shall be put to resolve within a time frame of 24 hours.

Inspiredge IT Solutions – The Most Trusted & Certified Quality Assurance Company.