How to Focus on QA & Compliance during COVID-19 in 4 Effective Ways

Businesses in all verticals have suffered a significant blow due to the pandemic effect, which will take some time to diminish. But, this has not lessened the zeal to work. The work coordination between managers and employees has increased, increasing overall productivity, all while staying positive and fighting against the negativity around, due to Corona virus.
Along with the physical operations in an organization, each task’s compliance has to be observed. With the increased number of employees working from home presently, and in the future, it might become a huge hassle to monitor and correct each of them. With the increased number of personal devices, a vigilant eye is necessary on SLAs breach, processes that comply with standard guidelines, etc. The approach towards the process needs to be changed along with data-driven aspects.
Some of the steps below will help you manage your organization’s compliance while collaborating with the other processes and coming up with the perfect solution response:
1. Assess the situation and provide solutions accordingly
Due to the slow-moving activity in the organization, it is imperative to know the exact procedures followed for each activity and the compliance percentage for it. Step back for a bit, plan the process as it should be, and monitor it to determine whether it is going according to the plan.
Analyze the risk environment and redirect efforts where it is required most. Reintroducing the audit plans that suit the organization’s present situation and its impact on the future should be visualized. Researching new technologies for effective QA and compliance is an innovative way to manage the whole process.
2. Data-driven insights for better results
You must try to monitor and find effective ways to ensure compliance in the tasks in various departments of your organization. Valuable information can be provided when data mining, artificial intelligence, and other digital tools are utilized to simplify the process and maintain continuous risk assessments.
During this research, you might also find some cost-effective solutions that can drive performance while complying with the procedures. Collaborating with third-party service providers might offer you an in-depth analysis to maintain the ability and plans to avoid organizational level risks.
3. Embrace Technology for accuracy and swift delivery
By embracing remote working as the ultimate solution for all organizational tasks, businesses have noticed an increase in productivity. With the time saved, employees can reach business goals on time in the comfort of their homes. But, there is another side to it that raises questions. Everyone is working on their personal laptops/desktops, sharing files, and getting the work done, which may hamper with data privacy and sometimes violate compliance rules. To prevent that, data sharing must be provided aligning to regulatory norms via secure file sharing systems.
Thus, it is mandatory to be vigilant to observe the adherence with the help of remote audits, SOP manuals, etc. as there can be no in-house audits. Auditors have the responsibility to mitigate the present risks and try to prevent future ones.
4. Focus on the future of the business and create a vision
The present situation demands numerous restrictions that need to be followed for the safety and smooth running of work. But, there needs to be a focus on the future, depending on the voice of the business, achieving the perfect QA score, and narrowing the process gaps.
Working with an internal audit team, managers, and seniors in the organization to articulate a plan will provide a positive approach and undertake real-time assurance work.
The journey towards a crisis-free and valuable audit performance may be a bit far for now. It will still be fruitful, only if it is viewed from a unique perspective by adopting a methodological approach. Enterprises have complex processes, and it becomes challenging to oversee each and everything. But, you need not worry, as we are here.
At Inspiredge, our QA experts focus on the key areas based on the organizational requirements and follow 4 simple steps: Sampling, Standardization, Observation, and Feedback to get exceptional results.

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