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The Best 5 ways to Strategize your Digital Marketing During COVID-19

The crisis is here to stay.
The worst situation which nobody thought of has come true and has brought devastating results with it. Every type of business has been affected due to COVID-19. The whole world is facing a challenge to cope with it, and individual businesses are trying to stay afloat and minimize losses.
But with time, everyone is trying to adjust and make the best of it to get back on their feet. No one knows when the situation will get to normal, so adapting to the new normal is the only option. The demand for various businesses has reduced, but not completely vanished; hence, they need to be fulfilled to adjust to the present situation.
With more people staying indoors, internet usage has increased, which can be used as a medium to lessen the impact of the pandemic in various ways.
According to a recent report by Deloitte in May 2020, digital commerce and traffic growth have seen a rise by 13% in Q1 2020 compared to Q1 2019.
Digital Growth and Marketing – A gleam of hope
Due to the increase in social distancing for safety, and other protective measures for various activities, the circumstances for the best customer experiences have changed, so the marketing strategies need to be aligned with it.
An article in March 2020 by Forbes says that internet usage has gone up to 70%, and streaming has increased by 12% due to COVID.
Observing the positive side of the pandemic, you can utilize this time to revamp your digital marketing efforts to fulfill the requirements of customers and help them out, while they are indoors. Make them feel safe and relieved from the ruckus that’s going on. Here are some ways that will assist you in redesigning your marketing strategy:
1. Understand the requirements of your customers by connecting with them.
Everyone is familiar with the famous ‘Hilton Hotels.’ But only a few people know that the owner, Conrad Hilton, established this luxurious chain of hotels during the Spanish Flu pandemic, by observing the need for a ‘clean place’ to stay. Hence he converted a dining hall at a small place into 20 small-sized rooms. And the rest is history.
The lesson to take from this is that, during such a crisis, if you can observe what the current requirements are and offer your products/services aligning to it, it would act as a mutual benefit.
Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience to get inputs. It can also serve as a great way to redefine business objectives and redistribute marketing budgets wherever required. Offering online consultation grants a personal connection to the audience, which is beneficial.
2. Make sure you are visible.
Being available to your customers through various channels has become all the more important. Creating helpful and informative content and sharing them across various channels will keep your audience engaged, resolve their issues, and provide a sense of relief.
Connecting through emails by sending personalized messages creates an emotional connection and imparts you a better understanding of their situation.
Along with this, you should work on putting your website on top SERPs by making it SEO-friendly. On-page and Off-page SEO strategies should be employed to climb up the ladder.
3. Reduce the gap between customer demand and reality.
Studies suggest that even during these times, 75% of consumers require constant interaction for the services they have opted for. During a standard customer support call, sometimes it is required to explain the issue more than once due to the miscommunication between the CSEs.
In normal situations, this has to reduce, and in grim cases like this, the customer is eager to get the service/product they have bought. Hence, managing it is mandatory to create minimal issues.
4. PPC is one excellent method
Taking your business online and sharing the relevant content are two of the finest ways of interacting with your audience. But PPC has proved beneficial to highlight your business. With the decrease in business activities, the ad volume has decreased, and so has the Cost per click for an ad.
You can launch PPC campaigns to raise awareness among your customers with a lesser digital marketing budget, which may help to stabilize your marketing budget.
5. Stabilize and Stay Positive
No one knows about the exact time this situation will be stabilized. Being ready and hoping for the best is the only way you can cope up with it. Working together, everyone can help each other to make this situation bearable.
Resilience is the key to mitigating the present situation. Anticipation will always be there, but staying strong is the key. You should gather the senior management and come up with ways to boost positivity and creative ways to engage customers.
At such times, employing a professional digital marketing service provider who can cater to your needs and adapt swiftly to the current trends is the best option. At Inspiredge, we offer diverse Branding, Social Media, and Web Services that align with every organizational need.