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Remote Working in 2021: 5 Successful Strategies to Follow

2021 Remote Working

According to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research(ETR), the percentage of people working from home will double in 2021.

Almost 1,000 CIOs were interviewed and 46% of them reported elevated productivity with remote work.

Many organizations developed their remote workforce in the wake of COVID-19 and are looking to continue it because the pandemic is still here. In the beginning, no business was ready for it, but looking at the safety factors, ease of work, and arrangements were made. With time, this developed into a more robust, permanent plan with policies that would be easy for everyone to follow.

Inculcate the Sense of Engagement for Work
The pandemic has been hard on everyone because of the rising cases. There is no certain knowledge of the situation normalization and also juggling between home and office work has been tough. But everyone has managed it well than the last year.

The work from home methodology needs virtual learning, collaboration methods as well as tools to tackle tasks remotely. Frequent corporate communication, kind words or just creating an information hub is essential to keep everyone updated. Knowing about the situation correctly would help employees to adapt accordingly and also stay focused to work.

Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Redesign Your Policies
Policies and procedures allow everyone to align their work according to the organization’s need and with the extensive remote work culture, the policies have to be defined clearly to explain employees their role in it.

Some organizations have developed a hybrid model- where people can work 2-3 days a week, while some have 100% remote employees. New employees especially are getting to know the working style. Policies should be designed in such a way that they are compliant, user-friendly, and understands the risks associated with them. Benefit programs, compensation decisions, flexible leave policy, etc. are some of the types of policies that may benefit your employees.

Data Security is Crucial
With the haste at which remote working system was established for employees, there was no time for businesses to pay attention to data and cybersecurity requirements. Hackers have always been looking for opportunities to cause business losses and take advantage of such situations to cause identity thefts, phishing scams, ransomware, spear phishing, whaling attacks, etc. Thus, increased cyber resilience is the way forward to stay safe. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) can help you prevent password-based cyberattacks.

According to reports, 75% of companies were hit by phishing in 2020.

Along with this, regular data backup would also help in avoiding data losses, from physical or remote cloud locations through a secure connection.

Well-Established Communication & Team Building Activities

Did you know that companies that have sent their employees working from home a care package during the pandemic saw a boost to virtual employee engagement and productivity projections by as much as 17%?

Not just sending a care package, but an increased communication allows everyone to stay connected and stay informed of the whole situation. A people-focused approach is a leading factor in strengthening the employee-employer bond as of now.

To relieve employees of stress and lighten it up, virtual games, discussions, and debates can be held.

A crisis like COVID-19 has forced organizations to address the working style and adapt accordingly to it. Remote working has proven successful for most businesses and with the experience gained in the last year, organizations have developed successful solutions to solve issues they are facing now and plan for long-term resilience.

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