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Remote Access Technology for Business in 2021

Remote Access Technology

Remote access to systems is an enabler for IT organizations and with the rising requirement and demand of remote work, its benefits are many. But, this process can only work in an appropriate manner when the required parameters are set, functionalities are sorted out and the tools required for it are planned through. This would make it productive and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

What is it?
As the name suggests, remote access technologies refer to any technology that is used to connect, access, and control devices, resources, data stored on a local network from a remote geographic location. Some of the common types of remote access technologies include:

  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Remote Access Software, and
  • Remote Desktop Services etc.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Everyone has used VPNs in their daily lives, but the personal VPNs we use are not similar to the official ones. It is an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. It creates a smaller private network, other than the main network. Using it, you can remain safe and access office and personal data, even when you are in a remote location. It is encrypted.

Remote Access Software
This dedicated software remotely connects users to an endpoint device from anywhere in the world via the internet. The usage is also quite simple, once the software has been installed.

For some, it may sound similar to cloud services, due to the remote access, but it is not. This technology provides access to an on-premises environment whereas cloud services are hosted on the cloud, somewhere across the internet, and can be saved by cyber attacks.

Remote Access Software & Business Focus
Remote Access Software can sometimes be costly with several users continuously connected and the regular rebooting of systems.

Remote Desktop Services
Remote desktop services are the commonly used terminal desktop services which we use to enable remote access in IT systems. This connection can be made via the internet or local network connection. It is used by most organizations for easy software access to employees.

Remote Desktop Services & Business Focus
As this method enables shared access across devices, it has proven to be an effective remote tool to solve issues. But, this has made it vulnerable to cybersecurity risks as attackers require only the id and password to gain access and bypass security.
To make this secure, one may use Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway and use tunneling protocol to communicate securely and use multiple Terminal Servers.

Does Your Organization Need it?
A proper remote access solution varies from business to business. Hence, it is necessary to understand the requirement and adopt a solution accordingly. Some of the questions you might want to ask to make the situation clear are:

  1. Where is your data stored? Cloud or inside the office?
  2. What is the number of users who will be provided access to the data during remote access?
  3. What are the data and security requirements to enable remote access to systems?
  4. Have you consulted a managed IT services provider?

Once, you have the answers to the above, it becomes easy to select the features you want.

Organizations of all sizes have started considering remote access services to continue business operations along with protecting the network from cyber miscreants. Taking the correct precautions, understanding organizational requirements, and creating a master plan for it to go well is what we do at Inspiredge, day in & day out. Connect with us to get one for your business too.

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