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Telecom Overview

Any organization regardless of the size has un-wanted expenses that keep recurring on a periodic basis. These overheads can be reduced with a proper monitoring. One of such essential overhead that companies ought to focus is in the Telecom Expenditure. A study by Gartner indicates that average enterprises overpay their telecom expenses by 5-10%. Therefore Identifying and Managing the overhead expense becomes an essential component of successful business strategy.

Inspiredge’s TEM (Telecom Expense Management) process ensures an authentic real-time inventory, accumulation of all bills and a stringent audit process. Thus helping in the identification of any un-wanted services, contract violations and a detailed department wise classification of expenses. We also help in direct negotiation with any vendor to obtain the best offer based on usage statistics.

Our service includes:
  • Management of Wireless, Wireline, Orders and Inventory
  • Invoice Processing, Auditing & Recovery
  • Benchmarking & Cost Allocation
  • Negotiation of all contracts & RFPs
The benefits of Telecom Expense Management:

Financial Benefits:

  • Reduction in direct spending
  • Identify any fraud/billing errors/unauthorized charges

Operational Benefits:

  • Effective and efficient use of employee time
  • Streamlined audit, asset management, expense tracking
  • Reporting and payment processes
  • Organizational level of Focus on core competencies

The Right Team and the Right Tools:

Inspiredge hand picks the right team and assists in appropriate customization of required tools, to fit your business and its requirements. When you work with Inspiredge, we provide you

  • Systematic Tools for operations, evaluation and MIS
  • Comparison with industry set benchmark standards
  • Economy of Scale
Inspiredge Experience and Expertise:

Inspiredge’s Management team has over 11 years of refined expertise in providing TEM services to clients in the US and around the globe. Over the years our resources have served clients from industries like banking & financial, logistics, fast food, IT, etc.

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