How To Handle Technology Expense Management Challenges In An Effective Way

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How To Handle Technology Expense Management Challenges In An Effective Way

In the technology and telecom domains, as inventories stock up, it becomes complicated for the industries to manage data. Identifying what to look for within the wealth of data available is a huge challenge for the companies to address.
However, in minimizing costs, improved planning, and delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers, Technology Expense Management Service comes in as a viable solution.

In our years of journey in offering quality Technology Expense Management Solutions to our customers, we came across many challenges. One real challenge was to discover, find, and utilize the available, active data to solve our clients existing industrial issues and better their business growth. Another challenging concern was in-time decision making. Many aspects play a pivot role when it comes to timely decision making. For e.g.; if the key information is overlooked by a company, that might result in a high chance for cost creep and therefore lead to the lack of effective management. The entire process cycle gets affected if one doesn’t know where and what to look at for a particular issue to get resolved.

At Inspiredge IT Solutions, we bring in all the business expenses onto one platform to offer a tangible solution to our customers.

What do we offer?

  • An Industry-focused customized approach to service.
  • Manage all the business expenses on one platform
  • Fund, track, and manage services online from any mobile or desktop device.

The technology industry is ever-evolving, and so are the demands of technology expense management. This means the market has to adapt to innovations and modernization frequently. Enterprises today, are understanding the need to plan for effective TEM solutions and track their expenses to invest in new initiatives and keep operational costs in check. Telecom industry was the first in communication technology that needed tracking because of its cost structure and its extensive use across businesses.

Industries need to have a better understanding of the TEM and its effective solutions. Again having basic knowledge about TEM is easy, but, to understand how effective TEM solutions can contribute towards the company’s growth and savings is an arduous task. As their services are niche and vast to explore, it is always beneficial for the companies to approach a quality TEM solution provider or outsource a few of their TEM services for better outcomes.

Inspiredge IT Solutions is a global Managed & Professional TEM service provider with over 7yrs of niche experience into providing effective solutions to markets such as Telecom & Utility Expense Management, Unified Communications, Media & Entertainment and Healthcare. We give industry-specific solutions that help customers achieve significant operational efficiencies and drive business growth. Our consistent adherence to zero surprise framework in service delivery drives a positive impact to our customers.

Our services for Technology Expense Management:

We are uniquely positioned to be a quality solution provider to Expense Management organizations and vendors in the field of Technology, Telecom & Utility that are envisioning exponential growth, and we have helped organizations to achieve up to 40% savings on TEM services so far. We support and help the organizations in facilitating their business growth by enabling them to expand their ecosystems with minimal expenses. Our trained and skilled experts take up tasks by providing support in areas such as Invoice Management, Inventory Builds, Helpdesk and Order Management Services, Audit and Optimization and many more. Our 7+ years of service excellence and existence in the industry, with a team of ~300+ highly skilled and certified professionals working over 24x7x365 Secured Service Operations with “Zero Surprises” Delivery Framework, and best-in-class client & employee retention rate makes us the most competitive support for any organizations and vendors across the globe.

Also, Inspiredge IT Solutions operates as an extended team to its customers as TEM organizations and vendors and utility expense management providers & processes. We support the organizations in activities where they need help in their business expansion. Our practices are plug-and-play as our resources are already trained and understand TEM.

Here are a few examples of what that means: Inspiredge SMEs bring more manpower to the table to handle on-boarding, cost centre allocations, invoice loading and processing, audits and more. We can also provide ad hoc help on long-term projects or short-term audits, and other initiatives. In other words, we can be considered as an internal extended team as we perform activities that every TEM organization or vendor would perform on a day-to-day basis.

All our Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 staff are backed by even more highly experienced supervisors. Our managers who support these teams have been in the industry for more than seven years, and understand the nuances of invoice processing, etc. We also help the clients that are experiencing a surge in demand. Regardless of the expense management activity in question, we can take care of all our clients TEM management services.

We rely on a process-oriented methodology to ensure the best service is delivered to our customers. Whenever we onboard a client, we understand their specific processes in different areas. Take invoice management as an example. Inspiredge learns how the organization or vendor-customer prefers to load those items, whether manually or electronically. Indeed, one of the big benefits of using Inspiredge TEM Solutions is the ability of the TEM vendors to save money. We provide a vetted and trained SMEs at about 40-50 per cent less than what a TEM or utilities expense management provider would pay to hire someone in the United States.

Inspiredge’s TEM (Technology Expense Management) process ensures an authentic real-time inventory, accumulation of all bills and a stringent audit process. Thus helping in the identification of any un-wanted services, contract violations and a detailed department wise classification of expenses. We also help in direct negotiation with any vendor to obtain the best offer based on usage statistics.

Our service includes:

  • Management of Wireless, Wireline, Orders and Inventory
  • Invoice Processing, Auditing & Recovery
  • Benchmarking & Cost Allocation
  • Negotiation of all contracts & RFPs